The Vittoria Lodge Auxiliary was organized November, 1954, to assist the Vittoria Lodge in any way that could be done.  Their first purchase was a stove from the Ankeny School for $100, followed by their assistance in the  addition of the kitchen, air conditioning, draperies, tables, chairs, etc. to the Vittoria Lodge building.

The first officers were: President Mary Stefani, Vice-President Mary Romitti, Secretary Rena Vignaroli, Treasurer Lena Ugolini, Interpreter Katherine Sassatelli, and Sgt. at Arms Erma Fontana.

Source:  Vittoria Lodge Auxiliary 25th Anniversary Booklet,  November 18, 1979.

The Current Vittoria Lodge Auxiliary Officers are:

President: Mary Steele
Vice-President: Tami Johnson
Secretary: Julie Jennings
Treasurer: Joy Thompson
Sgt. of Arms: Darlene Cross


Judy Grant
Kathy Licktieg
Marie Hutchison
Sarah Magnani
Virginia Strauss

Trustees – Alternates
Marie Kayser

For more information and requirements of membership, please call  515-986-3061 or email