Lodge Newsletter May 2021

Next Men’s Meeting May 16th @ 2:00 pm

MONTHLY MEETING: We would love to see you! Haven’t been to monthly lodge meeting in a while? Please mark your calendars and join us! We invite fresh ideas and involvement. We would love to create events to attract new members and bring existing members together. Additionally, we welcome all members to step up and become an officer or trustee. See you at the next meeting!!!

ANNUAL LODGE DINNER: Due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, a decision was decided not to hold our yearly June dinner. We will recognize our 50-year members at the June meeting.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: Applications for college scholarships are due by June 1st and will be awarded at the June dinner. Application forms can be found on the lodge website http://vittorialodge.com. Send to Roger Fiori at Vittoria Lodge PO Box 1212 Ankeny IA 50021-0975

LODGE WEBSITE: We have been upgrading our lodge website. Check us out at http://vittorialodge.com

FAMILY CORN FEED: A decision on whether to hold the annual Family Corn Feed will be made by June. Please look for decision on our website.

SEPTEMBER SPAGHETTI DINNER: The lodge will be holding a spaghetti & meatball dinner on Sunday September 26th from 11-4. The cost will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids. All members are invited to help if they can with this inaugural event.

NEED HELP: We are looking to update our Veteran’s Honor board. If you served or know another member who served and has passed, please get a hold of us so we can add names and honor those veterans. You can send to Rob Fiori at Vittoria Lodge PO Box 1212 Ankeny IA 50021-0975 or carltree@msn.com

ORDERING LODGE APPAREL: Squire Hutcheson has made arrangements with Adventure in Advertising offering Lodge & Auxiliary Members through a secure website to purchase apparel (polo, T-shirts) with the Lodge logo on it. To obtain a user ID or for more information please contact Squire at 515-577-4283 or email him at squire@squireweb.net.

HAPPY MAY & JUNE BIRTHDAY WISHES TO OUR MEMBERS: Spencer Prati, Robert Stefani, Dennis Carzoli, Jerry Battani, Anthony Medici, Danny Carzoli, Michael Gentosi, Giovanni Leo, David Ballantini, Dana Bertogli, Aldo Lombardi, Michael Fontana, Amedeo Rossi, Douglas Stefani, Squire Hutcheson, Joe Tumea, Kenneth Cruchelow, Derek Blatt, Aldo Medici, Bobby Mason, Duane Lombadi, Al Mataloni, Brad Battani, Louis Butelli, Ron Stefani, Egidio Vanni, Gary Stefani, George Thompson, Jerry Sebben, Roger Stefani Jr., Victor Scaglione, William Stefani, Ronald Fontana, Thomas Fucaloro, Ronald Carzoli, & George Partington III – Buon Compleanno!


May 16th – Men’s Meeting 2:00 AM
June 13th – Men’s Meeting 10:00 AM
TBD – Family Corn Feed
September 19th – Men’s Meeting
September 26th – Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner 11-4pm