Cavatelli Dinner Update

Vittoria lodge

Cavatelli & sausage time again March 14th 2021
Well it is that time again this has been a very long year for everyone.
The lodge has been closed for three months now. I still go down at least
two times a week to check uP.
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy’
We are holding our cavatelli dinner as planned, this is for &e college scholarships that we give out at the June dinner.
#Please note this may be for take out only*
Last year in march was the beginning of covid 19 but we held our own. We had over 700 take out orders and limited inside seating.
It has been a very concerning year for the lodge as we have had to cancel numerous events including many rentals, children’s C party, mass for the ill and deceased members, the annual corn feed as
well as many lodge meetings.
Hopefully 2021 will bring peace and be a much better year for all. We are sending 5 tickets to all members, in hopes that you will help continue this great event.
Thank you,

A.J. Forneris, Vice president